removing xe rear bumper

Park the car in K-Mart car park on Thursday and wait 5 minutes. Then some elderly pensioner hits it while Louis Braille driving. Bumper comes clean off!

If you want to manage it a little better, without pannel damage, try this. The side pieces of the bumper unclip, and the facia panel covering the light bulbs on the inside of the boot needs to come out. Then you just take the bolts off. CRC them a day before. Sometimes the towbar often has to come off too.

If the clips on the outside quarters are broken on the RIM platic bumper you're putting back on, then just grab an M12 washer and cut a square hole in the centre piece with a "Millsaw Bastard" file. Then the bumper will clip on with little patience.

Good sh*t. Always wanted to swear on the internet!
Thanks dude!!
sounds easy enough.
So its just those four big bolts that go on top of those plates inside the boot under the light globe cover thing. and unclip the sides.