Replacing Distributor



Hey guys, I pretty much got the basics down. I've never done this before. So, I'm gonna lay it out and yall see something to add or delete..let me know. I'm going to remove my plugs. Rotate my crankshaft until the notch on the pulley matches the TDC marking in the block. Now I'm keeping track of what stroke the #1 cylinder is doing by putting my thumb over the #1 S/P hole and waiting to feel the air pushing my thumbs off the hole. Now the rotor indication should be on the #1 postion on the distributor cap. I'll use a long thin rod to fine tune the exact TDC position, resting it on top of the #1 piston. Match mark the distributor position on the block and remove. Reinstall new distributor in a unobstructed position, tighten down and replace cap. Reinstall the plugs and check the wiring. Besides the points and accessories I'm pretty much there. WHAT DO YA THINK? ;)
DAMN IT JIM I"M ONLY A DOCTOR! Just kidding, I can't believe I missed that.