Ring Gear On The Torque Converter



OK nut busters (in my case nuckle buster) My ring gear was spot welded onto the torque converter of my C4. Must be why I can't locate a new gear for replacement. Has anyone replaced theirs? I carefully ground off the spot welds without damage to the converter or really to the ring gear as well. Does anyone have an idea where to get one for the C4? My last resort is to turn the original around and spot weld it back on. I don't think there is a balance issue as the trans fluid will offset any inbalance.
Thanks, Gary
Any parts house would sell them. Pioneer makes them - 'bout 13 bucks last time I checked. Only problem I see would be with balancing. Yes, they are supposed to be MIG'd in place. I guess about 4 welds equally spaced with a one...two...three count on the welder would get you pretty close, but I dunno.