will newer model front seats fit in an xf or are they different, and what are xf fairmont seats like compaired to the xf falcon.
You will find that transferring the runners from the XF seats onto the newer seats will be a straight swap. If not you will only have to drill a couple of holes in the bottom of the seats.

I put ED XR6 seats in my cortina by just drilling new holes in the bottom of the seat and transferring the Cortina runners over keeping the right spacers in the right places etc.

You can't even twell that the seats are not original fittment unless you unbolt the runers and see the other set of holes that used to bolt onto the falcon runners.
i put a whole set of front and rear xf model fairlane seats........ they have a lumbar (lower back) adjustable support and a kind of tilt forwards, backwards action too.... other than that just got the headrests in the back.... i wanted to put newer seaets in but came accross this whole set for $50 so went tha cheap option

if u can find an ltd thats being wrecked they have the plushest seats i have ever rather sit in my car than the loungeroom.
fronts are electric though so that could be a hassle, mine are grey crushed velour type stuff but my mates are leather....must have been an option. (the cheap bastard who bought my car originally didnt option the sunroof either!! :D )