Six cylinder ID and value



Today i got a free engine and transmission from a '70-something Ford Maverick. I have no clue which engine it is, and the tranny is an auto, i'm guessing a C4 because of its small size. The 6-cylinder engine is quite smaller than the 300-6 engines that i have seen before. How can i identify which engine and transmission it is? Is there a list of casting on the internet? And where are the casting numbers located on the engine?

The guy i got the motor from said that he pulled the motor out of a Maverick that was running and driving great, with no smoke. A tree fell on the car and totaled it. The motor was pulled out 7 years ago, and sat in an garage since then. It is complete from air cleaner to oil pan. Carb, intake, starter, water pump, distributor, plugs, and wires, its all there. And the tranny is still hooked up to it. Since the motor isn't locked up, i was planning on changing the oil, then running a rubber line from the fuel pump inlet into a can of gas, and hooking up some jumper cables to the engine block and starter and try and start it up. Is there anything else that i should do to a motor that has sat this long?

I was planning on putting this engine is a go kart/dune buggy, but i may sell it. How much would it be worth, complete and running with a good auto tranny hooked up to it?

Thank you for any help.
This may help. I am not sure how to tell a 240 from a 300cid motor from looking at it but. the 170,200 and the 250 I can give you some help on. the 170 on the exhaust manafold side has 3 freeze plugs. the 200 has 5 freeze plugs and the 250 is two inche's taller than either of these. Most of the times where the coil is bolted to the block, is a engine tag that will tell you the engine size too. On the inside the 170 has 4 main bearing and the 200 has 7. Hope this helps!


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you might want to prime the oil pump before you start it, just to make sure there is no damage in re-starting it
wouldn't run it too long without a radiator
let us know your progress
good luck!