steel shim head gaskets


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8) if anyone is interested, i found a website that sells the original style head gaskets for our sixes. it is the gaskets run 34.84 each. i just got an email from them today regarding my inquiry about them. they have other vintage parts as well.
I sent for a catalog and wanted to ask if anyone has actual experience with steel gaskets and logheads as far as surface prep and sealing goo. (Permatex?) 8) Thanx - PB

8) the last time i used steel shim gaskets i used permatex copper coat(spray on) as a sealant. never had a problem. they were installed on a 289.
Let me know if the gaskets look like these?

I have seven head gasket rebuild kits, of course they include a NOS metal head gasket, valve gasket, exhaust gasket, donut, and all other gaskets used when removing the head and rebuilding it! I wonder what I shall do with these kits, as I allready have two metal head gaskets on hand! Yes that's 9 total! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: ;)