I have spent the day stripping down my 200 I6 so I can pull it to be rebuilt.

What amazes me is just how compact the 200 is. It is narrower than my 2.3L 4 banger. The cam has notches cut in it to clear the rod bolts.

There is no room to stroke it at all. I have considered the idea, even to the point of offset grinding the crank and using SBC small journal rods.

There just aint no room.
Mark, would there be 120 thou clearance between the rod bolts and cam notches? I'd love to know the actual figure.

Thanks, Adam.
I havent forgot about checkin that stuff for you adam. I just havent had the time to do it.

I am at point where I need either a blue crecent wrench or sawzall. I would have that head off in 30 sec.

I am not gonna have time to get engine out before I leave for Florida Tuesday. I should be back in Indy a week from Today and then I can make plans to egt the help and hoist to get motor out.