Summer 6 Projects



I'm thinking of driving my 67 Falcon this summer when the snow clears up. It should be getting a 3.03 tranny-so the next logical step, of course, is what to play with in the engine bay?

I plan on picking up a pertronix ignition, and right now it's got a 77 250 head on it (cable throttle). I was maybe thinking of messing with the old original 67 200 head, cutting off the log and fabbing an intake, some porting, just to see what kind of power it can be made to produce. I've got a fully equipped machine shop at work, but don't want to spend a pile of money. Basically, I want to figure something out that requires labor, but not much $$.

Maybe a fabbed aussie-like 2 barrel intake? Or some nice long runners to dual Carter YF's/Autolites? The engine's NOT getting headers or a cam, but maybe I'll machine some high-ratio rocker arms and port the 250 manifold.

Any suggestions for messin with the head?

I have quite a few photos of trick carb set ups for Australian versions of the US Ford I6 engines intergral intakes. I am unable to post them on this site, though, as they are not on a www address...they are in the photos archive on my computer. I don't think I can paste the photo link any other way accept e-mailing it to a moderator.

At the risk of dropping one of the moderators in it, I am sending through a triple carb intake photo of a 1965 XP Falcon done in Australia. Addo, StrangeRanger, Jack, I'll send you a copy, which you can post when you have time. Tbone would get a lot out of it!

Here, the log was cut off, and a steel tube manifold made up to suit some H6 or H4 S.U. (Skinner Union) carbs. These carbs can be tilted at a 10 degree angle easily. Apparently, Stromberg CD 150 or CD 175's off a US market Morris Marina, Rover 3500, MG, Triumph TR8 or TR7 may be a modern day replacement. As I've said in numerous occasions in other posts, the conversion was common on speedway sixes up to the early 1970's.

Lynx Corporation in Australia used to make a cast alloy manifold for this type of cut-off approach. Some of the photos of these are amazing. Because 221, 260 and 289 V8's were not up options on early Aussie Falcons, these guys led the way on stove hot modifications to 144,170 and 200 sixes. They were all back yard mechanics, and used machining skills rather than aftermarket suppliers to turn there rides into screaming Falcons! Sounds like you are a perfect candidate to do a little Aussie Ingenuity on your machine!
That sounds just about right! I've always been interested in the connection between Ford Canada and Ford Australia... and the Falcons. There are times when I wish mine was a four door. And I'm just waiting til we get the new Falcons over here! (after all, the Holden Commmodore is gonna be sold in North America soon)

I'm real interested to see the pics whenever they show up. Thanks!

LYNX are still around. They have no old stock, and a slightly kooky management now, who want a ridiculous order to resume production.

REDLINE would do something more affordable, but can't infringe copyright... Which is a shame because they're nice guys, and "do-ers".

The lower pic is the bolt-on for a 2V head (says FALCON because no Mustangs here); the upper is unfamiliar, but could be a kit. There was a "Bantam" brand conversion, I believe - another maybe for this?

The engine in top picture has vacuum pump on the fuel; looks like a 170; I guess 1963 or so. Chunky cast unit to the lower left, is a remote Girling brake booster - the fat hose is a vacuum source.

Remember under all those hand-formed header tubes are the starter and the steering box! The box often gets warm and sweats a little grease.

Cheers, Adam.