Throttle kickdown adjustment



I just realized that the cable attaching to my accelerator pedal is not actually doing anything. At WOT, the cable is still loose and not moving the knob.

I was under the impression that at WOT that cable is supposed to be pulled forward.

Is that correct? LMK because I think I need to do some adjusting.

What is that cable supposed to do?
At WOT the cable should pull the kick down lever on the trans forward, to the stop. You can move it with you hand to get a since of the movement involved. It is a short throw. As the throttle comes to WOT the arm on the trans should be full forward. You might want to test drive and adjust until you get the result you want, early - late - whatever.

Buy the way, any lessons learned you might be willing share vis-a-vis your timing experience?

Thanks - Steve