I need to know what is the max i can set my advanced timeing with out geting detonation so far i got it at 40 havent had any detonation knock on wood lost my last enginen to :cry:
Your timing at 40 total is a bit much. the specs call for 34-38 deg of total advance. As I learned not to long ago, there is more than one way to achieve this. We need more info.
Size of engine
Type of distributor
Type of Carb
Degree of advance plates in dist (If not Dual vac Loadomatic)

Please see following string:
Slade & Steve, have some very good info that will help.

My engien is a 200 i6 its got a smaller cam i dont know the grind ove it the carb is a 1bbl off a 1979 250 I6 distributor is a dizzy thay has ben moded to be all mancale advance i dont know what the plate is set at an the guy that did the work on my car said he wanted to get the timeing up to 45 an my car runs cooler at 40 then a 38 its not as hot when i turn it off an i havent had any detonation so im ok for now