Website Finally Updated!!! Cobra Six Mock up


My website is finally up to date. Here is the intake modified for the Offy.

I added Port/polishing, Engine Removal, Offy Intake Modifications How tos to my website.



Hey CobraSix...that look NICE! Could you post the pic of the emblem again? Remeber somebody was looking to make some emblems for our cars. I think that one you have is awesome! (y)

:D hey how did u hook up the cobra air cleaner to the offy setup? i have the same offy setup on my granada i have the k&n air cleaners but that setup looks really cool also wht carbs are you running? thanx
Hey Slade how large is emblem? Where did you end up getting it? Might look good on my air cleaner also.

Hey Slade,

Your How-To pages about the Offy triples installaton is great. Awesome Job!!!

From what I've seen on ebay, it was used on 55-56 Fords with a 6 cylinder. CobraSix might know for sure, though.
For the emblem, I found it on Ebay...paid like $5 for a pair of them. Not a bad price. It is about 2" in diameter, maybe a little less. AzCoupe I think was looking to reproduce them.

The carbs: They are all Autolite 1100s. The center one was rebuilt by Pony Carbs. They are supposed to get rid of a lot of the problems in the 1100. It runs really good. I just removed the autochoke from the outer two. I'm still at a crossroad with what to do about the center carb auto choke. No place to put it to with the Cliffy Headers. I'll figure something out. When the car was taken out of service...the choke wasn't working anyways, but it still ran.

As far as hooking up the air cleaner, I'm using a 1-4V base. That way the center hole is large enough that it will no interfere with the choke. It will also allow me to recess the air cleaner down some so clearence will not be an issue. I'm still working on a system to hold it in place. More then likely, I'll use a hole already drilled in the air cleaner on the center and attach it to the center carb. I'll see how that holds up. My other plan is to make something that will attach to the two outer carbs using the existing holes.


put an electric choke on the center carb..that way you wouldn't have a heat tube...

Jason..66 Falcon 4dr
can you convert the auto choke to electric choke or will I need a new carb? I haven't looked into electric. Where should I look.

I don't see why you can't convert from auto choke to electric and ask Pony carbs...

Jason...66 falcon 4dr
I emailed pony carbs...they sell an electric choke cap and spring that will work. The electric choke cap is $31 + $5.50 us priority mail

but no electric cap will work as good as the hot air system.

Jason...66 falcon 4dr with a 200 six
They do offer an extra long choke tube for these types of appications. This would work for you also if headers is what you have. The tube clamps to the header pipe and can be bent any way you need to fit your needs. The tube set is $25 + $5.50 us mail.

I dont have a JC Whitney around, but they sold a choke tube for header applications.