Which 2bbl upgrade Carb is best?

Which 2bbl upgrade Carb is best?

  • Autolite 2100

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  • Weber DGES 32/36

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  • Holley 5200

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  • Other

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Help us decide best upgarde options. Consider tuning, re-tuning, price and performance....
I have a weber 38/38 DGES with electric choke
bought it new and never used it
decided to go with a holley 500 cfm to put on a 250 oz 2v head

will sell it for 250

8) the holley/weber 5200 is, for the most part, the better carb to use for the street. the weber would be more for a street/strip machine.
I also like the 5200 (26/27) for a lightly modified street car. Being a progressive carb it has a strong on the bottom end with sufficient flow to support a 5000 RPM motor (270 cfm). Easy to obtain, easy to mount, good parts support, easy to tune, and inexpensive.

The next step, also progressive and fits on the same adapter, is the Weber 32/36. 320 cfm for those cars with street cam and head mods. Easy to obtain, easy to mount, good support, very tunable.

For all out top end on a highly modified engine a direct mount 2300 would be my choice. That, or the Offy. Easy to obtain, excellent parts support, and very tunable. Mounting is the challange here.