Which bearings??


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Heh everyone, I was wondering if the 250 takes the same rod and main bearings as the 200 does, also if I use the adjustible rocker arm assembly, does it take the same pushrods as the 200, or do I need to get longer ones :unsure:: :unsure::
The big ends are the same ,the mains are different.standard main shaft
size on 170/188/200/221 are the same (2.2482-2.2490),you can use a half set of 7 mainbearings to do the 4 main engine .the 250 standard main shaft size is 2.3982-2.3990.some 200 blocks have slightly narrower main
bearing number 5 flanged bearing can be 1.195 vs 1.271 and the rest
can be .970 vs 1.020 .these narrow bearings seem to be out of US stamped blocks from 76-82 .sorry not sure on pushrods.
hope this helps

cheers dave 67xr6