which cam?

ok I think I am going to drop a cam in the 200 I got before it goes in the car. now I am between two choices

1. 260* cam (cliffy's/crane/whatever) better low end

2. 272* cam

now I am putting a t5 in at the same time and a header later this summer so would the 272 be a better choice? I will have a low first gear and a overdrive then. the motor has a steel head gasket so I am guessing 9-9.5:1 compression and I am planning either a h/w 5200 or a offy setup.

Have you got a spare steel gasket? Unless you try to pull the lifters from the oil pan side...
well I am kinda on the lookout for a new gasket too. no big city driving for me either just about all highway miles or small towns. don't make rush hour commutes either.

is there that much of a difference between a 260 and 272 degree cam?