Which distributor to use?



I need some facts about the dual advance distributors from the late '60s. I read somewhere that this distributor w/Pertronix would be an improvement over the Loadomatic without having to swap to a DSII. Is this correct?

What size drive does it use? Is this distributor a direct swap without having to change the oil pump and intermediate drive shaft?
8) the dual advance with pertronix approximates the dsll. if you have the late 64 up dist then you can swap them. if not you are stuck with the load-o-matic or getting a dist from oz(like i did). even then you still need to swap either the oil pump gears or the oil pump as you need to use the 5/16" pump deriveshaft.
I would guess that I have the early distributor, but I'm not positive. How can I tell them difference?

Also, are there any specific year(s) that I should look for the dual advance distributor?

Let me make sure I have this straight:

Early dist. = 1/4" drive

late 64-up = 5/16" drive

Is this correct?
Well, if you've a four-main block, it's the early one. Shaft size is slightly smaller. That's the best rule of thumb. To fit the Oz distributor in the early block, you also need a later oil pump. There's a small amount of fiddling required, but it's worth doing, if the D-II won't fit.

Regards, Adam.
Take a look at the post under "Duraspark vs. Pertronix". A '64 200 is more than likely the 7 main engine (5 freeze plugs). If so, the '68-'73 dual advance dizzy will drop right in. The Pertronix II is easier to install than a set of points. The DSII will need some help, and the required rewire will take some time.

All the best - Steve
The car originally had a '64 200 w/only 4 mains. During the rebuild, the mechanic used a '78 block, but put the old oil pump and Loadomatic back in there.

So, either way, it looks like I would have to change the oil pump and intermediate drive shaft to upgrade the distributor to the '68-73 or DSII.

If I do this, I'll probably go with the '68-73 w/Pertronix. I can do all the wiring (which doesn't look too hard) for the DSII, but I would like to avoid it if at all possible.