Will any other cam besides a 200 work in a 200?



is there any other cam that can be put into a us200 block besides jjust a 200 cam like when i put a 351 winsor cam into my mustangs 5.0ho 302 can you do that with a 250 in a 200 or so to get more of a wild sence? with out haveing to grind
Howdy 83Fairmont200I6:

Ron covered your general question, the answer is "Yes", but the later model 200/250 FoMoCo OEM cams are identical. They are also the best from the factory. They had the most lift, at .368" and duration, at 256 degrees, from the factory but, for some reason, the factory installed them in an advanced, position by manipulating the timing gear. In theory, advancing the cam timing would help low end. Which was probably better for the tall gears of the day and an auto trans. It may have had something to do with EPA requirements too.

For a stock 200 cam, your '83 200 is about as good as it gets from the factory.

But, to do a cam swap right you will need new lifters and cam gear too, which is a pretty major job. For all that work, time and money why not step up to an after market cam with higher lift and a fatter profile.

That's my take.

Adios, David
i was wondering and you guys andswered my question i did buy a aftermarket lunati cam 290* duratioin 2500-6500 rpm for my 200 was just wondering if i could put a 250 in it to make it alittle more wilder