Xf Problem



My XF is running poorly. It can haul but usually runs rather disapointingly. I was thinking the carbie may be blocked. Is there any other reasons you guys may know of that it could be. It is like a lottery pick when i start it to see how fast it will go.
Ah, Adam, you bet me by 15 minutes again. Check his post, 'Boudka, he's easier to understand. Discokin6 is also a guy rich enough to fix an XF. I love them, but I'm a luddite too scared of electronics.

XF sedans are the best looking and best sorted of the Blackwood range. There rear -view mirrors fold back when you try and clip Jap cars with 17" mags and kerb adaptor exhasts (no, I'm not really like that, I don't know what came over me!)