You Want Chrome? Here is your Chrome!

Thanks i im current high bidder of 182.75 and im driving distance from him hopefully i get it i only want it for all the crome and parts thanks for the info
I noticed that the transmission has the modulator on the side which makes it a C3, I think. C4 and C5 have modulators on the right rear corner of the case. Hmm..... :unsure: C4 bell on a light duty C3 case?

Stan, if you bolted a big, flat plate in place of that hellish thermal reactor you could bolt a turbo straight to that manifold.
Of course you do realize that if you get it, you will have to run overload springs on the frt to carry the extra wt of all that chrome. ;) :roll:
How can you tell the difference between the C3 and C4 bellhousings since they were both used with the 200?

i thought that too about bolting a the turbo to that thing. ive never seen anything like that before. must have been for emissions huh??

Jack, what year exhaust manifold is that one?? from an 80-83 truck???

Stan, would you be interested in selling that exhaust manifold? i realize there is now chrome on it so you might be willing to part wht it. hahaha

nice engine. chromed triple pulley, very nice. i am sure it will fill the engnie compartment well!!

That manifold is from a 78-80 200 with a Thermal Reactor. It was the predecessor to the catalytic converter.

I was looking at the pics more closely. It appears that it was mounted in a Ford Truck using some fabricated mounts for the 200. The rear sump pan would have worked pretty well for that.

But no full size trucks came with that engine.

BTW, Stan's not the owner, I was just pointing out to him the possibility of bolting on a turbo. Probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but certainly easy.
a c3 bell will not swap in place of a c4 bell. there is big money out there for a c4 bell for a 2.3L for the serious turbo drag cars.

But what can you look for to tell the difference b/w the 2 bellhousings, as they both had the same bolt pattern in order to bolt to the 200?
I konw a c4 pan is square ish while a c3 pan has a jog in one side. and a c4 has the lines coming out apart and a c3 next to each other. maybe that is a BB200 c5 tranny?

I'm pretty sure it's a C3 because of the vac. modulator on the side as MustangSix pointed out. Plus, it has the high mount starter, so it couldn't be for a BB200.

I was just wondering how you can identify a C3 and C4 by just looking at the bellhousings.