[62 Ranchero] Ignition switch replacement snafus

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[62 Ranchero] Ignition switch replacement snafus

Post #1 by 62Ranchero200 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:24 pm

Greetings Ford Six Fans,

Because my Ranchero failed to start, although it cranked and had gas in the carb, and coil and magnetic pickup resistance test OK (subject for another post), I decided to replace the ignition switch in my '62 Ranchero. After a struggle, I finally got the new switch installed in the dashboard, but I realized that the connector that plugs into the back of the switch is in such bad shape that I need to splice a new one in. Can't get the old lock cylinder installed in the new ignition switch either, maybe because the ignition switch bezel is broken out on one side (see below), which gives the ignition switch a tendency not to line up perfectly straight.

Old and new ignition switch appear to be the same, here seen rotated 90 degrees clockwise:


Original ignition lock cylinder is on bottom; note how it has three "ears" while replacement from Mac's Antique Auto Parts only has one:


Don't see how the Mac's ignition lock cylinder could possibly work.

I see ignition switch bezels online with two channels or slots to mate with the ignition switch:


But mine has a wider opening on one side; I can only guess one of the channels or slots is broken out:


Can anyone verify what an ignition lock cylinder for a '62 Ranchero should look like?

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