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Holley 1940 to replace Autolite 1100???

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Holley 1940 to replace Autolite 1100???

Post #1 by Creechn32 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:54 pm

Hey guys, I was doing some searching around and looking at different things when I noticed what looked like an SCV on the Holley 1940's. I am unfamiliar with this carburetor and have not seen any info on whether this could be an upgrade or replacement for the Autolite 1100 SCV equipped carb? Would someone be able to take a 1940 from a 240 I6 and swap it over to a 170 LoadOMatic equipped engine and have a bump in cfm/airflow?
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Re: Holley 1940 to replace Autolite 1100???

Post #2 by CZLN6 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:47 pm

Howdy Back Creechin:

The simple answer is "Yes". But. Doncha love a big but? FYI- the Holley 1940 was a generic Service replacement carb after the close of the Autolite factory. It was designed to fit a variety of Ford vehicles and engines. Assuming that the 1940 you are looking at was a factory Service Replacement for a Ford car with a 240 six it should be a good one with the following modifications needed.

The throttle bore on the 240 carb will likely be larger than the TB on your 170 so you will have to flare the top of the carb hole on your 170 or the carb adaptor to allow the throttle butterfly valve to clear. Also the carb mounting holes on the 1940 are wider spaced than your 170 mounting bolts. You can either make an adaptor or slot the mounting holes on the 1940. Linkage, fuel lines and air cleaner should be close.

FYI- THe Holley 1940 for a 240 has a larger cfm of about 210 as compared to 150 on your 170 Autolite. That's an increase that should put a smile on your face. Also the 1940 was never known as a smooth running carb. Also, the Choke may be different.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you find and on your progress.

Adios, David
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Re: Holley 1940 to replace Autolite 1100???

Post #3 by StarDiero75 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:53 pm

I was told from a carb guy that the 1940 was one of the best carbs to put on an l6. With the Carter 2nd, 1904 third (the one for the 50s L6s), and the autolite 1100 in dead last. Thats just from what i rememeber. He may be wrong, but that 1904 I had was a great little carb.

I tried to get a 1940 to work right but it had some massive vacuum leak I could never find. I'll tell you what though, for running spooky lean it drove like a bat outta heck. It just stalled whenever you stopped goosing it lol.
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