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blowthrough turbo 300 build

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blowthrough turbo 300 build

Post #1 by ledfoote390gt » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:05 am

Alright guys I am finally getting around to building my 300. I want to do a blowthrough just for the fact that I havent got the $ skill or patience to run a megasquirt. I started with an 82 f100 motor with 88k on it. I yanked the head knocked the valves out of it and "ported" it which more or less consisted of knocking the slag out of the chambers. Should I gasket match the head or is that a no no. I plan on using an offy single plane. The valve stems were pretty worn from the seals so while I'm at it I'm going to put new stainless valves in and a 3 angle job and use a positive type seal versus the factory umbrella type. I haven't decided on a carb yet and want to know what everyone's opinion is (besides going efi). Head studs and stronger valvesprings are in the works as well. And the age old question of turbo size is another question I have. I'm not planning on going over board with boost (~10psi). I have been offered a holder hx35 off of an early 12v Cummins but I think it may be a bit large. Any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: blowthrough turbo 300 build

Post #2 by deere114 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:25 pm

From my research the hx35 is a good fit. They seem to flow enough air for a mild 300 and spool around 2000 rpm. I have no experience personally but there is a member here that runs one

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Re: blowthrough turbo 300 build

Post #3 by motzingg » Fri Jan 03, 2014 11:15 pm

the 'turbo 300 in an f-150' thread is a good place to start, as is the 'linc's 200' thread for a bit more info on tuning specifically for a blow-through setup.

i've chosen the 2100 motorcraft for my build for a couple reasons:

1) it is already pretty well set up for blow through, as it is internally vented
2) its a pretty simple carb with integrated float bowl
3) nitrophyl floats that wont collapse
4) there is a large 5/16" stud going right down the middle of it for the air cleaner bolt so the carb hat won't strip out and blow off.

the only problem is the choke linkage, i haven't figured out what to do with that yet.

the hx35 looks like a good setup. the 'turbo-b' user said his is working well, but needed to have the wastegate enlarged.

with a blow through setup it might be better to err a little on the big side, because too small of a turbo will run fully spooled at lower cruising speeds where it will be putting more stress on things and higher intake pressures and temps. I might try an Hy35 because they are a lot cheaper and easier to come by, on my 240 unless i get around to putting together a 300 long block first, it just depends on how well my engine holds up.

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Re: blowthrough turbo 300 build

Post #4 by BIG 6 farmer » Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:46 pm

Garrett T3, the larger one with an AR of .60 & .63 ? :hmmm: think a guy on this site has one on his Truck.
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