VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

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VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #1 by 1966Mustang » Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:06 am

I received permission from Matt Cox to post this to the forum. This is good news!!! - Perry


Thank you for your interest in, and patience regarding, the alloy cylinder head. We are getting close to getting them. I received an update from the foundry last week. Due to the length of time since the last order, there was a delay getting the intake and exhaust runners made. This has caused the timing to slip by about one month. There will be some time required for final assembly as well. I now hope to begin shipping by the end of March. Once the final assembly is done on each head, I will be shipping them. I will not be waiting until all are ready. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis, unless there are special instructions that may delay final assembly.
In order to ensure I have adequate supplies of optional and incidental parts, please let me know if you intend to order any of the following with your alloy head:
  • Head gasket set
  • Engine gasket set
  • ARP stud kit- Full kit or Partial kit (for those who already have studs on a cast iron head)
  • Rocker arm assembly- stock adjustable, 1.6 ratio stock style, Yella Terra full roller
  • Alloy valve cover-including oil fill plugs, breathers, or PCV options
  • Weber carburetor- 32/36 or 38/38
  • Lokar pedal (where available) and throttle/kickdown cables
  • Header (includes stainless header stud kit and Classic Inlines style gasket)
  • Engine rebuild parts- pistons, bearings, gaskets, etc
  • DUI/Duraspark II distributor
  • Camshaft (please specify)
  • Dress up- Billet thermostat housing, water pump pulley (1V or 2V) natural or polished finish
  • Custom head work will be available on request. There will be Street and Street/Strip levels. Details and pricing are not finalized. Due to all work being done at one shop, there will be slight delays based on demand.

You will also need to select the valve springs. This chart will help you make your decision:

This is not an upsell pitch. I hope some of you buy additional parts, but I truly want to make sure I have no delays after the heads become available so I want to order ahead.

Some of you have made certain special requests. Please repeat those requests in your reply.

Thank you very much for your order and your patience. I know this is going to be worth it!

[]Matt Cox[/url]
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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #2 by wsa111 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:12 pm

These heads have good flow up to .600" lift.
I told Mike years ago that he needs to install longer valves so a lift over .525" can be utilized. Pass the word that do not machine the valve spring pads of the CI head, cause you will be looking at the inside of the intake ports.
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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #3 by Invectivus » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:06 pm

Has anyone looked at other valves with longer stems?
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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #4 by matcox83 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:49 pm

The heads should be on a truck heading to me by now. When they get here, we have to install the guides and seats and assemble.
Planning to pressure test a handful and a few other quality checks to minimize the chance of issues.
If you've placed a deposit and haven't gotten emails from me, check your spam folder! I need information from you!
Thanks for your patience to everybody who ordered. I have scheduled the next run with the foundry and barring any issues, plan to have them by the end of the year, if you wanted one but couldn't get one from the first run.

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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #5 by Mszydlowski » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:47 pm

When do you anticipate taking deposits on the next run of heads? I definitely want one! Oh, and I'm sure you may have heard this before, but of someone backs out on the current heads, please contact me, as I'm eager to collect all the components for a new engine for my 67. Thanks in advance.
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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #6 by xctasy » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:42 am

Time to wish Matt Cox success for the cumination of about 11 years of aluminum headed smarts!

Its a little more than 11 years since the first Aluminum heads made it to Mesa, Arizona, and then got rolled out in MustangGeezers 66 Stang, Does10s Falcon turbo and then got "6i" previewes at CopperState Mustang Club show on Saturday October 21st 2006.

Remember, before then, there were around 70 iron 2V 250 Falcon heads that made it to the USA

a little 2006 AzCoupe development blurb.. a star studded cast of Engineers and pattern making brought us the little six in line head.

Hogan did the 2v to 4v intake manifolds,
Elmo from GM the wet and dry flow port design,
Joe Mondello had a look at the flow balance and some porting since the stock 2v 250 ports are way to big anyway, and Mike then got the head casting outsourced to a cheaper base to do the production runs for the USA. Making them in Australia wasn't a feasible long term plan given the costs.

AzCoupe wrote:The design engineer did a great job on his part, but just to be safe, we sent the port and chamber designs to a porting expert for his opinions. Then, when we were at the PRI show, we ran into Mr Mondello. When we told him what we were up to, his eyes lit up and he asked if he could be of any assistance. So to make a long story short, he too will be taking a peak at the new design and will be running wet and dry flow test on the first prototype when completed. He even went so far as to offer us his personal services when we are ready.

The pattern work began in earnest last week and we hope to have five prototypes ready about mid May. If all the testing goes well and no modifications are required, we should have the first batch of heads somewhere between mid June to mid July.

We also hired an expert in intake designs. His experience includes intakes for Edlebrock, Offy, Magnuson, and others. Right now, he is doing some basic work, but the biggest part won't happen until one of the prototypes are sent to him. But producing the intake patterns and match plates is realatively quick and simply in comparison and shouldn't hold back the first production run.

Still no final cost, but we are sure it will be aceptable. Somewhere between $1000-$1500, but much depends on what happens over the next couple of months (as so well explained by Addo).

Yes, we will be offering numerous intake options. Including a 2V and 4V (Holley), 3x2V (Webber), and an intake suitable for a Magnuson blower. All intakes will have injector bungs, and compatability for turbo boost (except the blower intake of course). We (DOES10) has already designed the turbo header, which fits the US log heads, the OZ cast heads, and the new FSPP aluminum head. But he is still doing some minor refinements to make sure its what we want before sending it off for a production run.

SI Valves has agreed to supply the valves and valve train components, even if custom pieces are required. So we can specify precisely what we want rather than chossing a shelf parts and making them work. Jessel and Harland Sharp have both offered to work with us on a new rocker designs, if needed. Jessel is also going to assist us in suppling the parts needed to run roller cams and Clay Smith Cams will be designing new cam profiles (including the roller cams) suited specifically for the new head and various intake options.

AzCoupe wrote:
The quick, causual observer just sees a very big six cylinder.

Then they see a weird triple throttle body intake.

Then an alloy head,
Then a kick ass ignition,
Then, oh lordy, a freekin big turbo hangin off the thing.

That's funny, and pretty accurate. Most would walk up, saying
"OH, an inline six".
Then comment on the triple TBI.
Then injection.
Then say "Oh S*^&*, its turbo charged too.
Holy crap. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Most didn't notice the alloy head, until they read the spec sheet.

That was the best part, and you always knew when they got to the projected numbers, because the eyebrows lifted up everytime. Most were in shock, and had a difficult time thinking it was just a LITTLE FORD SIX

The guys that came back for seconds, would point out all the details to their friends. Most stood over the motor for several minutes, just shaking their heads in disbelief. Even the hard core guys. :wink:

A lot of them comment on how nicely it fills up the engine bay. The DUI plays a big part on that and looks very much at home. Whereas, a stock dizzy would look sick and lonely, in comparrison. I'm thinking about switching to a red cap, as it would set it off nicely and add just a hint more of the red already present.




I'm sure Mike W would be proud.

Well done Matt, Vintage Inlines, and the team lead by Perry and his moderators, who have ensured this Ford I-6 revolution to continue!
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Re: VI Alloy Cylinder Head Update!

Post #7 by rwbrooks50 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:59 pm

I will take that set up. Awesome!!
A blank check is in the mail.
Thanks Matt and Perry.


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