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    Alternator Misalignment - Next Steps??

    76' maverick - i6 250 w/AC (links in paragraph to parts used) I have had issues with wearing/squealing/snapping on my V-belt connected to my alternator/water pump/harmonic balancer pulley. I recently replaced the water pump, water pump pulley, and alternator. The water pump and harmonic...
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    250ci Alternator Misalignment - Next steps??

    76' maverick - i6 250 w/AC (links in paragraph to parts used) I've had a problem with V-belts wearing and snapping. I replaced a warped pulley and water pump shaft as well as got a new alternator. I am now realizing my alternator pulley is misaligned to the water pump and harmonic balancer...
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    All Small Six 76' i6 250 w/AC - Alternator Belt keeps squealing and snapping

    76' maverick - i6 250 w/AC (links in paragraph to parts used) The V-belt that is connected to my alternator/water pump/crank shaft keeps squealing. I have practically replaced everything and can not find the main issue. The car is a surviver so everything including the engine is almost all...
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    250ci Crossflow Head on a Pre-Crossflow 250ci HP Gain

    What is the performance gain of bolting a crossflow head on a pre-crossflow block?
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    All Small Six 1967 Ford Falcon 200 turbo budget build, need help

    I just purchased a 1967 Falcon with a 200 in it. I have researched for hours and its all blending together. So I am a novice to restoration and engine work. My end goal is to daily drive, but when I hit the pedal I want to go fast. Hoping to get about 20mpg and was thinking that a turbo...
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    "Close Enough" Turbo Kit?

    Having never dealt with turbos, I was wondering if any body knows of a kit that would work with my 250ci with minor modifications.
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    All Small Six Hydraulic Lifters on Solid Cam?

    I am very limited with my budget based on how much work needs to be done on the car itself. This got me to prioritizing. I eventually want solid lifters so I don't want to just get a better hydraulic cam, but at the same time I can't afford a solid cam, solid lifters, and an adjustable rocker...
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    All Small Six Are Twin Turbos Too Much?

    I really want to get some dual outlet headers for my 250ci but I wouldn't be able to run a single turbo with 2 pipes (tell me if I'm wrong). So I got to thinking. If I got the dual outlet manifold from Aussiespeed and installed dual 2bbl carbs, could I twin turbo a 250ci or would I blow the engine?
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    Wanted 250 Cylinder Head

    I'm just looking right now but does anybody have a 250 cylinder head for sale within a hour of Hogansville GA?
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    For Sale Bay Area CA: 250 Blocks, heads, cams, balancers, cranks, HEI distributors, flywheels, T5 trans

    I've been running 250s in the 24 hours of Lemons for a few years now but I'm moving on to a V8. So I'm clearing out all of my 250 stuff. This is a huge pile and I'd really like to unload the whole thing to someone in one shot. Space and time have value to me, so if you're willing to come get it...
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    All Small Six "Built" 250 Dyno results

    Just ran my 250-powered Ranchero in Lemons, but on Friday we had time to get it dyno-ed. Figured it could be a useful benchmark for what you get from a build. The specs: 250 D5DE block, standard bore 255 V8 pistons D3 Head opened up for 2V conversion, decked level but not milled down...
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    All Small Six Restrict Oil Feed to Head on high RPM 250?

    My previous 250 developed spontaneous oil starvation issues at high RPM that went away after letting the motor sit for ~30sec. With a new oil pump and tight clearances on new bearings I think it might've been pumping all the oil into the head/valve cover. It's a common mod to FE engines that...
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    All Small Six Source for 250 Harmonic Balancer and Flywheel?

    Hey Guys I'm building/rebuilding a 250 for my 24 Hours of Lemons Ranchero. Just wondering if anyone has a known source or interchange part for a harmonic damper and/or flywheel. My previous motors' flywheel fell off after the bolts backed out, so the holes were mangled. Currently have a zero...