2 to 1 bbl adapter



Where can you get adapters that go from a one to 2 barrel holley carb? I saw clifford but wondered if there was anything cheaper than them
Clifford sells an adaptor that will allow use of a Holley 5200 / Weber DGE or DGS. They also sell one that will allow use of the Holley 2100 / 2300 series. The Holley 5200 and the DGE are progressive carbs. The DGS and the 2100 / 2300 are not. That is to say that the 5200 and DGE run on one bbl until you put your foot in it, a milage / bottom end torque advantage. The 2300 is easier to find, and get parts for, than the 2100 so it seems to be more common. The common version of the 2300 and the DGS flow 350 cfm, although there is a 500 cfm version of the 2300. The 5200 and DGE flow 270 cfm. You car requires no more than 230 at 5000 RPM. Rebuilt 5200 are available from Stovebolt for $65 and customer support is excellent. New / rebuilt Webers and 2300's can be had for $250. None of them are a true "direct bolt on", but the Clifford adaptors are designed to be used on your car. In this regard see the sight below


Hope this is helpful.
Steve, I read on page about your 5200 butterfly linkage intefering with the adapter. Funny you point that out because I had to grind down a portion of my Clifford adapter because the butterflies of my Holley 2300 wouldn't open fully....don't know if this was just me or if this has happened to anyone else. BTW I also enlarged the opening that mates to the log.

This adapter thing is very interesting. How common is the fuel starve/flood problem when using the Clifford adapter? Is this a concern for normal street driving? Also are the adapters cast solid so it would be possible to drill and tap the Stovebolt for the PCV fitting?
Thanks for the info.
Just finished lastnight mounting a Holley 5200 on a Clifford. I bought both the Stovebolt and the Clifford adapt. and decided on the Clifford because of height and linkage. I'm not sure why exactly, but I was able to use my stock throttle linkage with NO modifying!!!!! The adj. throttle arm bolted right up!!! :shock:
I took it for a test drive and pulled both right and left 360's, on and off freway curves and sudden start/stops all with no fuel starve or flood problems. Still early, but so far so good.
Got the Stovebolt in my hand and I couldn't see any problem to drill/tap it.
If you do go with Clifford, I suggest ordering online. You don't have to try and try again to reach them. Plus you get a confirmation/receipt, and it arrives just as quick
Steve -

Great website. Do you have any more pictures of the Holley 5200 carb, and any pictures of it actually installed on your car?

Sorry, no pictures of my set-up. But it might be useful to note that my air cleaner is a 10" x 2" Edlebrock for the 2300 holey. I cut the ring out of the bottom plate, so as to make it lay flat, and screwed a thin sheet of aluminium to it. I cut a hole in the aluminium sheet to fit over the neck of the carb and bolted the modified bottom plate to the carb through the stock mounting holes. I then fabricated a top cover hold down that looks very similar to the stock 1100 hold down. Looks great and works well. However, it clears the hood by no more than 1/2 inch. This is why I had serious concerns about trying to use a Stovebolt type adapter.

Regarding linkage. I also use the stock set-up, but I had to add a longer threaded section to the adjustable connector between the throttle arm and the carb. (a hardware store item).

Fuel deliverey issues. Initially I had a problem with slow, no power, left turns, i.e., a "U" turn. No problem under power. I read this as a low float level problem since it only occured when fuel pump delivery volume was low (idle). I raised the float level slightly and the problem was solved. I have heard that a fuel pressure regulator is also a cure, but I am not convinced that the regulator will correct the low RPM fuel pump volume issue. In short, I am confident that fuel deliverey can be managed with float adjustment.

Do I think the result was worth the effort. There is no doubt in my mind. Less than $175 all in and a major improvement in performance.
here is my situation someday I would like to change out my stock carburation system. I dont want to put more than one carb too much work and as I have read it is not the best choice for results. Cutting the log is a sad thing to do, but adapting a bigger carb sounds great. About this 2-1 bbl carburation which is the best to with the weber of the 350 cfm holley?? I dont want to do too much to my car, but enough that i can go faster and not have a 0-60 of 15 seconds. There is a store called MUSTANG RANCH and they sell some clifford products as well as the holley and weber 2-1 adaptor. This is what I want to do to my car performance wise: pertronix II ignitor and coil and wires, msd box, headers, k&n , get a rebuild head and push rods for milege, maybe roller rockers, and maybe do dual exhaust.
when we are talking about fuel starvation/flooding on turns, are we talking about the car stalling. and that's i can think of when people say the car is flood of starving fuel.

is this a big concern?
The starvation, or poor fuel deliverey problem is the result of the fact that Holley-Weber / Weber carbs were designed to be mounted with the float bowl facing forward. The use of the Clifford adapter requires that the carb be installed with the float bowl facing one fender of the other, the direction being driven by throttle linkage issues. As a result, during cornering fuel in the bowl moves away from the main jet (it becomes uncovered). The problem was only evident, for me, in a no throttle left turn, i.e., a coasting turn (float bowl faces the value cover). This was because the float level was set low enough to allow a very low condition to occur when fuel pump volume was down (low rpm). Adjusting the float level corrected the problem.
ok, does this make it stall or die? let me know how to adjust the float.
It may run ruff, stumble, hesitate, or stop. Bottom line, the car is running out of gas. Whether or not it will quit depends on the float level. Adjusting the float is not difficult. However, I would suggest that you get a Holley, or Weber rebuild manuel before you try it. A picture is worth 1000 words. Also, not every carb needs to be adjusted. You may get one that works fine out of the box. Many have.
does the summit adapter have the pcv fitting like the clifford adapter, or is it just like the stovebolt adapter?
I am considering the summit adapter too. Does anyone have a picture of one installed?
Not to steal any thunder from 70Falcon but does anyone have a picture of the Summit adapter installed with a Holley/Weber? I sent an e-mail inquiry to Summit technical and they said nothing about a PCV port.
what about the clearance for the hood. It lookes too tallk to fit underneath the hood. How much hp would anyone estimate by doing such a conversion for a 1v to a 2v with this adaptor??