200 Timing



I'm just putting the finishing touches on a 200 rebuild, and need a little help with igntion timming. Just need a good place to start. I'm running a 65 200 .060 over, 2.3 hsc pistons, E0 head full port and polish, Autolite 2100 2bbl (direct mount). The compression works out to 10:1 and the cam is a stock replacement for a 250ci. Any help ? Thank you.
Howdy '65Coon:

What's the elevation at your location? What grade of gas will you be using?

Assuming below 3,500 ft elevation and 93 octane gas, I'd do start up and break in at about 10 degrees initial advance.

Will you do a conventional break-in procedure?

Enjoy the moment!

Adios, David