250ci TBI?



Hi all,

I was just wondering if it was possible to adapt a 1bbl Holley Pro-Jection Electronic TBI to a 250 intake log. The description said it was a direct fit on a Jeep 258ci, and that it replaces a Carter carburetor, IIRC. A relative mentioned converting from a carb to TBI, and it got me interested.


May the torque be with you. :D
Holley makes a 1bbl Projection suited towards the F-series 300 engine and the Bowtie 292. That would be a much better candidate. The Jeep uses a 2bbl carb with a Holley 5200 pattern.
SOME NOTES.Sorry I'm late!

This link is ultra old I know, but in 1988, Ford Australia cranked out for about 3 years a Weber 32/36/ Holley 5200 bolt patern Throttle body injection unit running off the EEC IV module. No electonic transmission hook up for pre 1990 cars, and it was avalible for both 3.2 and 3.9 OHC I6's (192 and 240 cubic inches respectively...not to be confused with th truck/car 240 big block).

Both engines were running 140 or 160 hp easily on unleaded fuel with a 3-way cat. If emmission compliance is an issue, and you don't mind getting the wet gear and electronics in a box from Aussie, these may be just the ticket for a hot 200 or 250 I6. They go for very paltry ammounts because very early 1988 Falcons had a bad reputation for head gasket failure (now rectified...shade of Taurus. At least Fords engineering was consistant for that year worldwide!)
If you want to know more about injection on a I5, take a look at it's little brother the (engine wise), the 2.3HSC in the Ford Tempo.

That might help you understand the dynamics of fuel injection on a very similar engine.
John, I think the Holley 501-12 for the Jeep is a 1bbl. You'd have to make a simple adapter for the TBI to bolt to the log, but I've always thought it would make a good system for the 200 or the 250.

The newer Commander series also has a 1bbl system available. It's more expensive, but is completly programable. Digiatal vs. analog and has the capability to control ignition, idle air, fans, knock sensors and other stuff. More expensive though.