adding a little "flare" to a 200


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Its been awhile since I've posted anything here. My account went inactive so that explains some things. Here is my situation. I have a 200 and I'm about to take the head off to get it cleaned and smoothed out. I've been reading up on Mustang Man's site on head modifactions and I am definitely going to follow some of the mods. Also, I will be putting on a Cliffrod header on with a single outlet.

Will there be any problems with the carburetor (PonyCarb Autolite 1100) with the Clifford header on?

Also, is there anything I need to check or do to my head to get better performance?

It was a daily driver for me for five years until the carb went out a couple of weeks ago. I'm willing to work on the engine to smooth out the ride and I just got my carb back from Pony Carbs. Any pointers will be great to help me out.