Anybody know how rare Mike's AL heads are?


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Was wondering. My head had a stamping on it of "098" if I recall but I thought someone else mentioned that there were fewer than 30 made. Anybody know?


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matcox83":1b9h4lgh said:
I know of a foundry that states they made between 140-150 castings for Mike. My intention is to bring the head back to the market for those of us that never got the chance to buy one.
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140-150?? I thought that there were maybe 20-30 of these sold ever.


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I went to a cruise in here in NH tonight. I was talking with the guy who owns ne performance mustang. He said he ran across a car in MA that was traded in to a Chevy collector. It had the aluminum head on it. The Chevy guy just wanted it out of his stable and sold the CAR for $3k before the NE performance guy could get there. Oh, missed opportunities. :bang:


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Glad i got mine when I did. Even if they did cast 150 who knows when they will be sold (if ever) to the public.


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I know mine was one of the pre production heads because I did the drag tests for Mike. Where is the seriel number? Never noticed it on mine.


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I've been thinking about creating a Registry Page here for the AL heads. What do ya think? Might be a good way to keep track of what's been done to them as they change hands (and paperwork goes missing and specs get forgotten).

- Perry