Anyone know what it weighs?



I'm new to this forum and Ford engines, and plan to put one in an old '52 Chevy pickup for a number of very good reasons. I am wondering if anyone knows what a 200 six weighs. I'll be pulling out a Chevy 235 with a 3 speed standard, and putting in the 200 with a C5 transmission. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!
MustangSix":2fubhp45 said:
A fully dressed 302 is closer to 500 lbs, maybe even a bit more depending on type of accessory drives. You can shave about 60 -75 lbs off by switching to alloy heads and intake. By comparison a SBC is 600 lbs in full iron.

A 200 is very light at about 360-380 depending on year and dress. My alloy head hybrid 200 is 45 lbs lighter still.

A 250 is probably 380-400 lbs.

The advantage is in packaging and simplicity.
52pickup, I had plans for a 250 in my Stude p/u but after alot of thought & input from some guys here, I've decided on a 390 V8. An old p/u isn't really too much heavier than a 'Stang or Comet, but it is going to be just as much work to swap in a Ford 6 as it will a V8. Check out the post "How much do ya weigh?" on this forum. If you really want the 6, do it. And don't worry about others opinions. But why not work with the original 6? I think there's more hot rod parts & aftermarket support for them than Fords. That would be the ultimate insult-- a Ford 6 in a classic Chevy!! :eek: Might even look into the 300 Ford. Alot more potential there.
Hey Guys, say hello to Ed. Ed and his daughter Jenna are building this PU for Jenna. They came by a while ago to look at my mess. Evidently the mess impressed.

Ed, the 200 and auto will probably weight 150 to 200 #'s less than the 235 and 3 speed. The 200 will probably put out about the same HP. IIRC the ole 216/235's were around 75 to 100 #'s heavier than the SBC.
Hope this helps and welcome
The 200 will be more than enuff for the ol' Chevy, I'd imagine. My Stude's original 6 put out 68 horsepower. Thats right, a whopping 68 HP. So with my stock '78 250 @ 99 HP I'd have jumped about 31 HP. I don't imagine the Chev had a whole lot more HP stock. The deciding factor for me going for the 390 was I know an old man who has a '64 Merc Comet thats been sitting since '86. All original & complete. If I get it from him, it'd be a real bitch squeezing a 390 in that engine bay. Nothing for sure yet, but I like the Falcon bodies. Besides, I'm a long way from dropping a motor in my Stude-- I may change mind again. I like them hopped Ford sixes. Go for it, 52 pickup! These guys'll support ya with all your questions. ;)
I broke out the digital bathroom scale and weighed some parts today and this is what I came up with:

200 long block with pan, oil pump, water pump, fuel pump and balancer = 209 lbs.

C6 head with carb, rockers, and exhaust manifold = 89 lbs

Can full of bolts, pushrods, other stuff = 11 lbs

Add a starter, flexplate, alternator, pulleys and stuff for another 30-35 lbs

Total weight of fully dressed 200 ~ 345 lbs plus oil and fluids, etc.

My hybrid will have:

Crossflow alloy Oz head with valves installed and valve cover = 41 lbs!

Can full of rockers, pushrods, bolts, and stuff = 14 lbs

Two CD175 Strombergs w/air cleaner = 6 lbs

Enough tubing to build an intake = 4 lbs

Add a starter, flexplate, alternator, pulleys and stuff for another 30-35 lbs

Total fully dressed Crossflow hybrid weight ~ 309 lbs plus oil and fluids etc. Less than half a fully dressed SBC with iron heads and 200 lbs lighter than a fully dressed 302.
Thanks for all the replies and good thoughts and info. We saw Dennis' idea over in Tacoma, and it solves a whole load of problems that come up when you play with an old Chevy pickup. This is a truck that Jen and I took in trade for a little construction side job, and will be her high school ride. We decided to plan it first, then rip into it with the decisions all pretty much made. We've been gathering parts and doing the homework for a year and a half now, meanwhile doing the "harmless" stuff like body work. The Ford 6 gives us room for power steering and brakes, since the manifolds are on the opposite side on a Chevy. We did want a 300 6, but this one showed up for $50 in good shape with a C5 on it, and Jen doesn't plan to hot foot it anyway. It sounds like the weights will be close enough once the power accessories and AC are on it, including the automatic. We're keeping the straight axle, but putting camaro disc brakes on it, and we were thinking that before we put the axle in for keeps, we might want to pull out one leaf from the springs first. But from what we're hearing, we'll try it like it is, and jack it back up later if it doesn't sit right. Thanks again for all the replies.