AUSSIE 250 eBay

its ausheads, importing and selling goods from Oz again. Now that I think about it, did ausheads ever reply about whether or not he could get large numbers of Oz headers from down under to us up here in NA?


I can get the Pacemaker headers. I went to LA today to pick one up (along with a bunch of other stuff) but the header was held up in customs. It should be released Monday and then shipped up to me during the week. Next weekend, I'll test fit it on my stang and take some pics to post.

Once we make certain there are no clearance problems, I'll take request for them, and have them shipped over. I should receive them shortly after New Years, if all goes as planned.

They are dual outs, but a Y flange is available to convert them to single out for an additional fifteen bucks. Cost of the header with a black coating similar to jet hot is $245 bucks. Thats a great price considering they cost close to $200 (AU$383) in OZ. The balance covers the shipping from OZ to the US, custom fees, ETC. Shipping from Phoenix to you is extra.

Watch for my post next Sunday on them......

While I'm on the subject, would any of you guys be interested in billet aluminum valve covers, timing chain covers, water pump pulleys, and thermostat housings? Polished or brushed?

I picked up a few more OZ heads too, so if anyone is interested, send me a PM or e-mail.
Did you ever get that website with a list of everything you are offering? I thought I read that you were offering a package. Could you repost what you have available and for what price? Hopefully, I will be buying stuff in April when my bonus comes in. I guess I am counting chickens before they hatch.
Mike, you sent a message out earlier (last couple of months) that the balancers would be ready to ship in Nov., with the forum going away, etc. and the loss of the old posts (so far) what is the status, and are you needing $$$$ yet?

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BTW Mike about the other Items you are offering, of course I want some but it all boils down to how much?

Have you considered a repost of all your six parts?

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(hey an extra post because I'm too dumb to keep my questions together :oops: )
Thermostat housings?
Yes Chromed or polished, I have been looking for one to fit and have not found one anywhere! I'll take one if and when you make or find them!
I've been working on a web site which will list all the parts and prices. It will also list all the items I'm working on (thermostat housings) and the estimated prices. Since it's taking me longer than I expected, I'll repost pics and prices of the stuff I already have in the Buy Sell Trade section for the time being.

I found a shop that can do anything we want in billet aluminum. Thermostat housings, water pump pulleys, timing covers, valve covers, you name it. The only hurdle is in getting enough orders to make it profitable for them. I already now that I would need at least fifty orders for any of the above parts, maybe more. Most shops required 100-1000, which was not viable for our small market.

They will be working on the designs and give me an estimated price on each, plus the actual minimum number of orders required. But before they invest the time required to even do that, I need to get some idea of how much interest is out there. So if any of you guys are seriously interested, send me an e-mail with your thoughts.

On the valve covers, the plan is to make them with raised fins and a rectangular box in the center for lettering (Ford, Powered by Ford, Ford Mustang, Ford Inline Six, ETC). They will produce the covers, then personalize them with the two most popular phrases that we choose (I will run a poll on that when the time comes). They can also be left blank so the buyer can take them to the machine shop of his choice and engrave whatever he desires.

The main thing to remember is that all this takes time and money, so please be patient. It may take several weeks or even months.

Balancer Update: I received the first two balancers that were produced for us and they were made incorrectly. The diameter was to large and the water pump pulley wouldn't clear. Since we only had a very small number of orders, they were trying to use what already existed. They used a balancer designed for the OZ 250 and just changed the crank bore. But it backfired and the balancer now needs to be designed from scratch. I sent them a US balancer just last week so they can get all the correct dimensions off it. Again, be patient, we will get there eventually.

We had the same problem with the dual roller timing chain sets for the US250. So a US set was shipped to that manufacturer as well.

Between work, honey do's, yard chores, my trips, answering e-mails, etc, my spare time to work on the web site and all this has been limited. I still need to get some sleep. ;) This doesn't even take into account the cash required to get this all going. It's not cheap, believe me. At least the wife isn't complaining yet, but she doesn't know the power is being shut off next week either. :LOL:

Forgot to remove the socket prior to taking the pic. :oops:


Yeah that is me. Sure is a lot of interest so far...

I also have some 2V's

I would be interested in a billet aluminum valvecover but would like to see a picture of it first. I am also interested in a header but not sure if it will fit a Fox Body with Inline 6.

When you test fit those headers, I am very interested in the clearance between the number one tube and the alternator? That front corner is getting really crowded on my six. And I am running a 2v so I am also hoping there is no major difference for these to fit.

I am running a Classic Auto Air perfect fit system, which relocates the alternator up about a 1/2" and places the Sanden compressor below the original alternator poisiton.

And lastly, will these headers come with port dividers?
Well it sold in the last few seconds. Another 250 crossflow on its way to a happy home! Anyone else want one?
I must have terrible timing. I came across the auction just minutes after it ended. If the head was good that was one He** of a deal.

Now the trick is to find another good deal before the spring tours start.
I didn't realize the head would not fit the 200. I had always thought that the idea was to put this crossflow head on the American 200 block for the added breathing. I'll check out the tech section again.

I think the whole long block went for around $275.00. A great deal.

$255 for the lot! Cheaper than what some want for a US 200 core from waht I am reading!
Mate, at the prices you're letting them go, you'll be eating rice and sauce soon... Good point about the core cost for the 200s.
Your bloody well right Adam.

A lot of people says they want 250 crossflows right, so we bring it in and don't charge a brass razoo for shipping the thing halfway around the world. Then they say well if you had got the series II motor then we would buy them.

So we get the Series II motor. Then they say well how do I know it is standard bore?

So then we buy Series II motors take off the head and measure the bore (and like 99% of these, they are all standard), include all the goodies like headers etc and they still don't buy them.

It has got me buggered. This will be the last shipment unless prices improve. If they want them after that they can pay through the teeth for shipping from someone else or custom order them from us. I have put together 5 packages from standard, 200, 230, 250hp plus a "name your own hp" option.