AZCOUPE GT200?????



hey i wanted to ask AZCOUPE GT200 a question that i thought a few of us would like to know. how many people do you have to get in on those headers from OZ and about how long will it take to get here??? i know i have already sent you a e-mail saying im in how many other people did the same???
He has one set and is hopefully going to fit it on his car this weekend. If it works out, then he will be setting up the pipe-line for people to order them. I don't think he'll be able to get you something in 5 days though :unsure:

I have one header - the one I ordered to test fit. I can ship it to you as soon as I recieve payment, but we will need to do it right away if you want to get this one by next weekend. I'll see what it will cost to send it via Fed Ex or UPS in two or three days and will e-mail you on the amount.

I test fit the header today and am psoting pics under a new topic as soon as I'm done typing here.
thanks alot! check on the different prices on the shipping and heres my address

Mail Plus Copies
Atten: tomas wilson
5500 olympic drive, suite A105
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

i look forward to hearing from you.

does that come with anything els like gasket or bolts or anything or is it just the header. just curiouse wont really matter either way.
One of the problems with an inline is the intake and exhaust being so close together. Have you thought about a heat shield to try and cool down the intake from the exhaust?
no i havent looked into that do you know where i could look up information on one or where i could get one??
To my knowledge, no one makes one. Guess that could be something else for me to work on. And maybe design it to shield the alt as well.