C-5 questions



If I understand correctly, all E1-E3 200 blocks are "Big Bell" and all BB blocks will only have a C-5 auto trans attached? So any model with an E block will have a C-5, right? I will be headed to pull-a-part for a trans this weekend. THANKS.
If you find 200 with a bottom mounted starter, then that will be a BB200 block. The earlier 200's had the starter mounted up on the side of the engine. You are correct in your assumption that all BB 200's have C5 trannies attached to them, unless someone has modified it to accept a V-8 bell.
Thanks for the info! :)

What if I deleted the mechanical kickdown linkage? Would that cause problems? I haven't seen it to be of any benefit other than holding the trans in whatever gear for about 5 seconds after it has wound out and ran out of wind, I usually had to lift off the throttle to gain momentum again.
I did adjust it a couple of times with no apparent change.