California PCV Retrofitted 223 Six


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Hi guys,

Sometime in the future, I am planning to restore my late father's 1959 Ford F100 pickup that he bought brand new in Southern California. The 223 six has never been rebuilt and has over 228,000 miles on it. The engine has a PCV Valve retrofit job done to it per 1966 California mandate. I was wondering if any company has ever made a retrofit kit that makes a PCV Valve look like a stock part on these engines. I've been on several other engine forums for different makes of engines, and a Chevrolet engine forum mentioned a retrofit kit for their 55-57 Chevy sedans.

On the various engine forums, the one advantage of having a PCV Valve on the engines was the reduction of fumes entering the cab/passenger compartment of the vehicles from the engine compartment. 1961 and later vehicles sold new in California were required to be factory equipped with a PCV Valve in many parts of the state. A second advantage mentioned was the reduction of sludge in the crankcase. If a stock looking kit is not available, I will just keep the existing setup to keep the fumes out of the cab. The Sears garage that retrofitted the engine kept the down draft tube intact, and plugged it per retrofit kit specifications. I might consider installing a freeze plug in place of the draft tube when the engine is overhauled, if a stock looking kit is not available.