Cam installation question


Well...trying to install my new COMP Cam. after putting the cam in, I noticed that it doesn't have the metal notch (or pin) sticking up from the cam shaft (for the timing gear). Was is supposed to or was I supposed to get one installed? Any information would be helpful.

Slade, you need to remove the pin and the thrust washer behind it from your old cam, and install them on the new cam. Wrap a paper towel around some vice grips and they will pull it right out. Then just tap it in place on the new one. Note how the thrust washer is oriented as well. It has a flat side and a beveled side. The beveled side faces the rear IIRC.
A little heating on the end of the old cam might help to free the pin.
What metal are cam shafts made of? I may just run to the hardware store and get a metal dowl for it. Seems easier then trying to remove the old one.

At a guess, I'd say the dowel is tool steel of some variety. You could tell by rubbing it gently with a file - this will skate over tool steel, but mark good old MS (of course).

Generating heat may be a way to free the pin from the old cam. Why not grind on the back of the boss with a metal grinding wheel in the 4". This will warm the area quick smart; with Vise-Grips ready, you can pull that pin out.

Amazing how things bed together after so many years...

All the dowel ended up needing was some motivation, so I got my motivator (hammer) and gently tapped it from the side. Then I was able to rotate it from side to side with the vise grips and eventually worked it out. Thanks for the help guys.