cam installation



do I have to take the head off the engin to take out or put in a cam shaft and do I nead to take out the lifters ????? over all how hard is it to take out the old cam and put a new proformace cam it thanks for the help :D :LOL:
If you are replacing the cam, it's a good idea to replace the lifters at the same time. In that case you'll need to remove the head.

As far as ease, if you are doing it in the car...that may be difficult. I think you may have to remove part of the front of the car to get it out. The cam shaft is really long and you have to pull it straight out to avoid damaging the journal bearings. If you go it out of the car, it is pretty easy to do.

I agree. It only takes about 2 or 3 hours to get the engine ready to pull, and the flexibility you gain is well worth the time. Just make sure you get a good cherry picker (Hoist), and a good engine stand.

I don`t have a cherry picker or an engin stand (yet) but all I (think) got to do is take out the radiator and grill but if its lower than I think I`ll have to start being real nice to a person I know :unsure: :LOL: .
if I don`t replace the lifters (if I don`t have the money) do I have to take them out??? I will try to change them I just wunt to know . thanks for the input :)
You don't HAVE to replace the lifters, but I would highly recommend it. This way if you do both at the same time, all the parts wear the same.
8) do yourself a huge favor and replace the lifters. consideing the work in front of you to replace the cam in the car, how bad do you think you will feel if you have to redo all that work to replace a cam that wiped a lobe during break in, with the added slam that the cam manufacturer wont warrenty the cam because you didnt install new lifters.
Ya I know I just get cheap some times I found a place that will sell me the liftors,head gasket,and manifold gasket for 77.oo bucks the reason I was trying to get by without gettin the lifters is because I`m 15 and only have 258.oo right know and I also got to get a master cilender for my jeep I`ve been driving that on my grandpa`s farm with no brakes. you would be serprised at what a stock jeep with 31s on it can do .
You will nedd to remove the lifters to pull out the cam as they sit on top of the cam. If you are going to all this trouble, put the new lifters in. If you don't and they have a problem, you will be kicking yourself later

well I got the lifters and gaskets to day the cam will be in wednesday and be in the car thursday :D :LOL: :eek: I was lookin at the engin and the bumper on my maverick and the top of the timing cover is strait inline with it :x :( so I`ll have to pull the engin out after all .

thanks for the help every one ;) :p
It's well possible that you can still get away from removing the motor. If you drop the rear tranny mount, and loosen the front mounts, possibly you can swivel the engine on an angle facing up to the front. Watch that the centre steering link doesn't get bent! (Remove it if need be.)

Still easier than pulling the motor. And some suggestions based on experience.

Buy a coupla 50¢ plastic buckets and save your coolant for re-use in one of 'em. Use the other for cleaning stuff in with a degreaser solution. Be careful that the degreaser doesn't eat the timing cover up, or eat the plating off the bolts.

Buy a roll of the cheap paper towel (kitchen towel) for cleaning/drying stuff.

If you can get a local service garage to put your tin of bolts (and all other parts) through their parts washer for cheap, do it. Quick and easy. Any metal tin you use should have drain holes punched through from the inside out. If it gets left in the rain accidentally, it won't fill up and rust.

Don't forget to unplug the temp sender before removing the head, also drain oil AND coolant. And if the manifold is bolted too tight, loosen it at the "donut" and pull the head with the exhaust manifold attached.

Make sure you've got the new oil seal, break-in lube and new oil filter/oil before you start, along with everything else. Be prepared for the worst, and don't start unless you have at least $50 spare (trust me - you could really need it!), and maybe a good friend to call on.

You will notice the improvement, even before anything else is changed.

I got 3 of them pans 1 oil 2 tranny fluid 3 coolint. Thanks I`ll try that cuz I realy don`t want to pull the engin yet :LOL:
hey insted of droppin the tranny mayby I could un do the engin mounts and loosin the the tranny mount and lift the engin with a jack or a cherry picker ??? that way I won`t risk messin up the steering linkege :) U think it would work ???