camshaft removal



does anyone know of a good resource for detailed intructions on how to remove and install a camshaft in a 200 block
its in the car and im just seeing whether its something i want to take on
I did a cam swap a little while ago. It is a big job if you do it in the car. You need to remove front valance, bumper, radiator, head, and all the cooling stuff, timing cover..... The list goes on. You will need new lifters, head gasket, gasket set for thermo housing, water pump, timing cover, valve cover. New timing set (chain+gears), oil, oil filter(s), coolant.... Took me two days to do the whole swap and I have rebuilt the engine before, so experience is somewhat needed. It is really a partial engine tear-down.

Have fun! Let us know if there are any specifics that you want to know!

I'm no mechanic...but I wouldn't want to do it in the car. I did it on my stand in the warmth of my basement. It was also nice because I flipped the engine upside down so I could see it as I was rotating it. It is pretty much a partial tear down to remove it.