Can I re-use a headgasket?


I know the real answer to this question. Here is what I want to do. I want to install my head on the engine while it is on the stand. I want to do this to set my adjustable rockers and make sure everthing is all set. Can I install my new head gasket, torque it down, and then remove it and use it later when install the engine in the car?

If not...can I use my old head gasket for adjusting the rockers?


8) if the compressed thinknesses are the same, use the old gasket to set things up, unless you are useing a copper head gasket. then it doesnt mater.
If you are using a composite type gasket, once you torque it down the gasket material will not recover to it's original thickness. Thus the compressed thickness will be different when you do final assembly. Also depending on composition and coatings it could adversely effect the cold sealing properties of the gasket. (The gasket may end up sticking to a surface) If old gasket is same brand I would be inclined to use it .

Chris in Central Florida