carb/distributor Question



Someone said in an earlier post that if I put an ignitor 2 on my stock 65 distributor, that if I upgrade my carb to one other than the autolite 1100 later, that I would have to buy another distributor and ignitor 2. Is this true or did I just read wrong?
The 65 200ci six uses a dual vac advance distributor (the Load-o-matic) that will not operate correctly with a carb other than the autolite 1100. That is to say that cars built for states other than Calif came with this combo from the factory. The 1100 will work with the later distributors, i.e., the 1968 - 1973 dual advance type (vac and mechanical advance), and the DSII, but the 1965 dual vac distributor will not work with other carbs. So, if you are planning to upgrade your carb at a later date it would be a shame to buy an Ignitor II for the Load-o-matic and then, with a carb upgrade, have to change to a distributor that the Load-o-matic Ignitor will not fit. Since the the dual advance distributor, and the DSII, are considered superior to the Load-o-matic, it would be worthwhile to upgrade the distributor when you purchase the Ignitor II so you don't run the risk of having to purchase another Ignitor to fit an upgraded distributor later.

Is there a dual advance distributor that a Load-o-matic Ignitor will fit? Yes. But you will have to find a dual advance with the Load-o-matic type / style drive. This distributor is referred to as the "Thermactor" type and, to the best of my knowledge, was used only on '65 & "66 California cars. Acccordingly, they are probably hard to find.

Bottom line, you will be ahead of the game to purchase a rebuilt standard dual advance distributor (about $65) when you upgrade to the Ignitor as insurance against having to do it again later.

Good luck with your project

In need to clarify something I said above. The 1100 can be used with the later distributor, and the DII, but a modification to the vac advance system will be required. The 1100 has a vac port system that allows the dual vac advance distributor to switch between ported vac and manifold vac as signaled by the valve in the carb (I think it is called the spark control valve). While I have never done this (I changed the carb. and distributor at the same time and eliminated the vac system - I use mechanical advance only - a whole different discussion), I believe the spark control valve can be removed and a fitting put in its place that the vac advance to the distributor can be hooked to.

If anyone has done this now would be a good time to jump in.

If you don't want to mess with any of the above, and your carb / distributor system is satisfactory, you can simply go electronic by dropping in the correct Ignitor. To things to watch for 1) Be sure to get the correct one for your drive. The Thermactor type rotor drive is "D" shaped. 2) Be sure to hook it to a 12 volt power source. Eliminating the ballast resistor and changing coils is the way to go (Flamethrower 2).

thanks that was the answer I needed so i didn't go out and do anything stupid.