Carb for the Aussie 2V head?



I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light onto the appropriate carb for the Aussie 2v head's application.

I was thinking a Holley 500 cfm, but is that too much? Would the Autolite 2BBL that was used on stock 2BBL 289's be good since it would probably fit if a Holley fits?


Others may be able to shed more light here....

But the main carbs for this application seem to be the Holley/Weber 5200, Holley 2300, Autolite 2 Bbl and
the Weber 38/38 DGES.

I am running a Weber 38/38 DGES on mine.
A Holley 350 would probably be best.

500cfms is too much unless you have a big cam, high compression, and you can rev it high enough to use the extra cfms.

I would go withy a Holley 350cfm 2 bbl. I feel that the Holley 5200 limits the free breathing ability of the head. In fact I would even consider a 500 cfm 2bbl. You would probably have to "detune" it a bit. There are kits available that let you modify the 500 cfm to run on sixes and 4 bangers. IIRC the stock accelerator pump shot is considered too big on a four banger. Not sure if it would be too big on the six.
The Holley P/N 0-7448 is my choice. It sells for $231.95 through Summit Racing (P/N HLY-0-7448) but you can find a used one alot cheaper on e-bay. Model 2300, 350 cfm, two-barrel, carburetor features a manual choke, a center-hung float bowl, and a universal throttle lever with a Ford A/T kickdown.
Here's the link: ... ype%3DBoth
Thanks for all your help guys. Looks like I'll be going with the 350 CFM Holley 2300 if I do the swap.

Anyone have pictures of how they routed vacuum lines? Also, how hard is it to install/replace the valves for a head? I guess I'd have to revamp the valves if I get one of these things.... But, is there a reason why? I thought these heads were used more recently, where they're already safe to run unleaded gas? Could I just transfer my current head's valves to the new head? They're in good shape...

Sorry Rob,
The valves for the Aussie 2V head are unique to OZ! The stem is biger, in short you have to have the OZ valves or you can us US valves, but this requires new Valves, stems, guides, retainers, and I 'm sure other things I forgot. In short you can change the valves but just about all the hardware has to be changed too! I just got two sets of valves from OZ for $2.50 per valve, so with a little effort you can find the OZ valves real cheap as the US valves can run about $10.00 each! :shock:
Hey, I'm a little out of the picture because I use propane through my 500 cfm #2300 4412 Holley 2-barrel. However, I had a 2 liter Pinto engined car which had a 500 Holley on it, and ran just fine on the leaded fuel we used to have here. Aside from availability, the main reason was that a 350 cfm carb runs out at about 140 hp on a little four. If its gonna do over 140 hp, look for a 500 cfm.

As far as I know, the Aussie 2V's used a Bendix-Stromberg carb which was shared with the Aussie 2V 302 Cleveland V8. The one I have under my house has a different bolt pattern to the Holley. Watch for the height of the Holley if you have to use an adaptor. If you run a C4, use the right sort of full throttle kickdown.

Another thing...The 250 2V's didn't have induction hardened valve seats, because Oz never got manadatory unleaded until 1986! Just make sure the valve quality is up to US fuel condtions.