Carburator help



I have a carter YF carb on my I6 200 and has been working great but has started leaking. Bought the carb refurbished and in new condition. After a couple hundred miles I noticed gas on the intake and found that there was gas leaking slowly thru the gasketsbetween carb body parts. I took each screw loose and threadlocked each one and tightened them down This lasted for about another 300 - 400 miles and now it is leaking worst.

I have 2 thoughts - maybe you can turn me in the right direction for a fix. 1) could the fuel pump pressure be too high? I just replaced the fuel pump with ne pump.
2) The carb has a relief outlet coming out of the side of the bowl. I was told to plug this and there should be no problems. Could this be allowing pressure to build up inside the bowl and cause leakage? If so does anyone know where this outlet should be vented to. Should it be returned to the fuel supply line or vented somehow?

Any help would be appreciated.


hi mike... maybe your float is set a little too high allowing the carb to flood and leak thru the gaskets. i have a carter yf and the bowl vents inside the body but im sure some yfs vent outside i would think that if this is your actual bowl vent and you plugged it up you would create a back pressure and possibly cause fuel to leak thru the gaskets. hope you solve your problem......marlin p.s. if it is your bowl vent it just vents into the atmosphere it has no hose attached.