Carter RBS



Can someone give me some information on the Carter RBS used on early 250s?

It does have the 1.75" throttle bore, right?

Does it flow better than the Carter YF/YFA or the Holley 1946?

Will the stock air cleaner work without modification? From the pics. I've seen of it, it looks as though it might.

yeah it has the 1.75" opening, and no the stock air cleaner does not fit, its a little too small, not that much though, I have one that Im not using anymore if you want to get one...
Yes 1.75 bore. I liked it better than the holley 1946 that I was using. Can't speak for flow numbers.

I also have a rebuilt one for sale, modified to fit the linkage, with a '68 spacer for PCV, and an air cleaner.
Based on the research I have done the YF's flow approx 180CFM, the RBS approx 190CFM. I don't know about the 1946.

Howdy falcon 64 and All:

The RBS is rated at 215 cfm. The YF and YFAs were rated at 150/187cfm for 170/200 engines. IIRC the Holley #1946 was rated at 195 cfm.

I think Mustang Geezer has this info posted on his website.

Adios, David
I had a lot of choke and tuning problems with the 1946. That's why I'm looking for an alternative.

I would like to upgrade while still keeping a stock appearance. It doesn't look like the choke housing would interfere with the stock air cleaner, as it does on the YF/YFA and 1946. Does it? If not, I could just enlarge the hole in the air cleaner. Does it look like that would be all I would have to do to make it work?

Was this carb designed to work with cable linkage or the rod-type like it on the Falcons and Mustangs? I would prefer the cable. I already have the cable setup from a Fairmont.

Is this carb. easy to tune (and stay tuned)?
It worked perfectly fine with the cable setup I have. i never had any problems with the carb not staying tuned.