Stupid question to you guys, but I'm new to cars. But where is the choke on a 66 Mustang? And what does it do?
It is attached to the carb. When your car is cold it allows a different fuel mixture. When the car warms up it closes until it is not needed anymore.
The choke is also attached to the dash. Probably by abracket under the bottom lip. When you pull the knob outwards (cold motor), it causes a flap in the carburettor top, to partially obstruct airflow through the carb. This means the mix in the cylinders has less air and more fuel by proportion (compared to a warm motor).

Activating the choke also operates a small "lever" on the carb that raises the idle speed.

As the engine warms, you progressively push the knob in. If the pedal is floored while the choke is on at all, the mechanism releases, allowing the airflow to pull the choke flap out of restricting mode.

Does this help?

his carb has been upgraded to an electric choke or auto choke...then nothing under dash...

manual chokes suck
Welcome to the forum. If you don't know the answer, there are no stupid questions.

Sounds like we have the same model “Stang”. First off find a reprint of the Ford Manual for our model. IF YOU ARE GOING TO WORK ON YOUR CAR YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK. There is a good explanation of the mechanical function as well as the Physics behind what is happening. Also, check out the Tech section of the Forum and order the Falcon Performance Manual. I just received mine and it’s worth $15.00 for what looks like years experience on this engine put together in one book. Until then, this is the place to get the answers to your questions.

Pills and Addo have the mechanical end of the choke covered. To get a feel of what is happening, remove your air cleaner and start your engine. Cup our hand and place it over the air horn of the carb until you start to feel the flow of air being “Pulled” into this air pump we call an Inline Six. The more you close your cupped hand around the air horn, the more you will feel your hand being “Sucked” down onto the carb. The same thing is happening when the Choke Plate is activated. This airflow is being “Choked” off and as a result the vacuum on the inside increases. Because of the way the carb works additional fuel is added to the air stream and “Richens” the mixture. This rich mixture is what helps the car start on those cold mornings.

Hope this helps, Ric.
Not sure which carb you have, but here is a picture of one:


On the back of this carb, you'll see a black cap on a circle, that is the automatic choke. It controls the upper plate on the carb. It will close the plate when the car is cold and open it up when the engine warms up.

Speaking of chokes. Does anybody know where I can get an decent price on a choke spring?
Thanks for your help guys.

I tried that hand over the carb, heh sucked my hand and i had a ring of grease on it.

Yeah my carb does look like that one in the pic.

One thing though about the choke, i tried it out and when i pulled it out, there was no sound change. I've been driving the car w/ the choke in. Is there supposed to be a sound change, and if so, what should i do to fix it?
Generally, the only sound change will be the idle speed of the engine. Otherwise, there usually isn't a sounds change.

As far as getting a new choke spring, you can probably go to NAPA or Autozone, or whatever you are close to, and they can probably scronge one up.