Clifford adaptors vs cold weather driveablitity



I want to put a 2bbl on my 200 six...I live in freeze box Minnesota...when I put the clifford adaptor on my 200 won't it be loosing some of the cold weather driveabitity??

Jason...66 Falcon 4dr
I think you might be right on the carb adapter affecting cold weather driving but you gotta remember most of the people upgrading their old fords are doing it for a hobby and these are leisure cars.

However if you look at the stovebolt adapter you *could* put it on top of your original water heater/spacer but you would introduce hood clearance issues.
I have started working on making my own adapter which I will be made out of 1" aluminum stock. At that thickness I should be able to drill a hole through it and tap the ends to fit heater hose fittings. I am still in the early stages and the first one will be built for a '74 (1.75" opening) head. I will be making one for the smaller opening right after I get this one made. I still have a couple stages to work through first, I have a peice of 6"x6"x1" oak (given to me by a coworker) that I will rough out a prototype from and once I am sure that my design is how I want it, I convince my coworkers neighbor (with mill) to help me make one out of aluminum. Although with my simple design I don't know why someone couldnt make one with a drill press and a round file (I dont have either :oops: )

I am also thinking that for maximum hood clearance those that dont care could make this same adapter out of 1/2" (as long as its a funnel does it really matter?)

Ill keep you updated if your interested.

Have you ever noticed when watching the weather that any storm that rolls across ND heads right for Fargo/Moorhead and just sits there cold as sh*t and dumps lots of snow on everything? (we lived in Fargo '95-'99)

[edit]ah crud, it would help if I attached the website url
The cold has shown up, but the wind and snow hasn't been nearly as bad up here lately. The 96/97 winter will be our measuring stick for quite awhile. That was a wild one.
yea seems like winter decide to come... then the damn winds today, got dust in the fresh paint i put on the bellhousing. (thats right im actually going to get around to putting the t-5 in eventualy, rear end is going to get done first, i think) coupboy, we should meet sometime. im (eventually) going to get the certification for the mills at CSU so i can go in there and make stuff i wont use :roll:
I was thinking of making my own adapter..I was thinking along the lines of you...but I don't have a drillpress YET...along the lines of the orignal Ford carb plate...drill a hole..maybe 5/8" thread both side and install nipplesThat will work...I have a extra carb plate out in my falcon when I go out there tomorrow I will get it and look at it...I can draw a set of plans for the adapter...

I have been thinking about what I said originally and maybe I dont want the coolant going through it, maybe I could make a nice bracket to hold the heater hose along the base of the adapter (bolt on style) so that it could be used or unhooked depending on the weather or location. I bought a chunk of 6"x6"x1" aluminum last night so hopefully I will get some progress done soon.

We were going to school at NDSU in '96/97 and I was a resident manager of an apartment complex, I never shoveled so much d*mn snow.

Travis if you are doing a 3spd to t5 swap I sure would like to come over and help. Martin's Supply out on highway 34 on the way to greeley has (last time I was there) an '87 turbo coupe w/T5, he told me $100 for trans, you ought to think about it.