CobraSix is in the KaStang.





I put it all together to make sure I still had all the parts. I measure out my drive shaft today and I actually don't have to cut it for the T-5, so I'm siked about that, just need to replaced the u-joints.

All I'm waiting for is wiring now to replace some of the dryrotted and spliced wiring from the PO.

Sweet! I have always figured I would use an air cleaner like that if I went with multiple carburation.
wow talk about a head turner great job and nice engine. you have everything to be proud of. Its Awsome 8) :D
Bootey in da house!

That's one fine piece of work. It'll fox them at car shows real good. Make sure you have fender covers to protect from drooling passers by! :beer: :rolflmao: :cool: (y) :wow:
yea looking great !!!!! always nice to see a endfinish from a project ! some people give up , and some are bizzy with it for couple years , keep on posting the nice finisht project ,s !! it will be a push up for the on,s who are almost giving up ,
keep on rolling these inliners !!!
That looks sweet, I had an opportunity this weekend to see Colorado66's triple setup with dual out header, and hear it run at a car show, man did that thing sound sweet.

One question though.. That is a fairly unique looking export brace you got going on there, any idea where it came from or if they are still available?

IIRC, those were used on all convertible cars to eliminate body twisting.
Falcon is right, Those braces are for convertibles. The convertibles (even the 6 cylinder ones) have a lot more bracing since we don't have a roof to help the car's stiffness.

Ohhhhh that's tasty Slade! 8)

By-the-way, what's your total CFM with all three carbs kicked in? 500?

Pathetic. That looks horrible, bet it runs like crap too.

jk :LOL: Looks awsome! I bet that bad boy will haul ass now. Congrats. :D