cold running



We have a 1965 Mustang, 200 w/ auto. Now that the weather has turned cold (for California) the car stalls when cold. It starts fine and runs OK while the choke is on but as soon as the choke starts to release the car will stall at every stop sign until completely warm, then runs fine again. We have a 180 deg. thermostat with stock Autolite carb and distributor. Appreciate any help.
8) do you have the carb heater hooked up? also do you have a good electronic ignition? either one will prevent the problem. for a cheap way to go you up the idle speed a bit.
The tube from the exhaust manifold to the choke is connected and insulated and we are using a pertronix ignition module with a normal coil. The choke heats up OK, our big problem seems to be the transition from choke to fully warmed up.
The cold-blooded Ford. When air goes thru a venturi the velocity increases which drops the pressure, which make the carb work, but also will drastically reduce the temperature as well. What is probably happening is icing. That is why when the car is shut down for a bit after running the problem goes away. This short shutdown period give the carb a chance to warm up the venturi and open up the transition circuit.

Try checking out the body of the carb when it's acting up and you may find frost on the outside body. That is why Rbohm was asking about the carb heater, which is the plate at the base of the carb that has the coolant hose attached.

Hope this helps, Ric.