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I've moved on from my 300I6 to a DT408. The smaller inline competetor to the powerstroke. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not but it isn't computer controled like the powerstroke. It has the inline pump like the 5.9 Cummins. Any way I'm looking for information to gain a little fuel milage and HP just the normal impossible stuff. I was wondering if any of you knew of any good sights for information or had some. When it needs overhauled it will get High Torque DT466 pistions and sleves and maybe if I decide I like the Computer stuff I'll add that too or use that engine. It only has 228,000 so it has lots of life left. I'm only 175 now and I can set the pump up to 230 with out any problems. It sure blows those 240 HP gas burners in the weeds.

I'm not sure what LP injection does to the engine life. I'm thinking a wastegate turbo would be nice.

8) normaly aspirated diesels are not finished untill they get a turbo or supercharger on them. if that does not ge tyou enough then go with the propane injection.
Sorry I didn't explain that well enough, it has a Turbo but it isn't a waste gate turbo. So I don't develope the horsepower at the lower RPM's that I would with a waste gate. The LP really has me intrested. I need to read all that has been said about it on the 240/300 board.

Yes all Diesel's need a turbo! Waste gate turbos are the only way to go! Get that Torque rise!

Maybe the old turbo will work on my 300????

Thanks for the responce!