Dual exhaust and brake lines?


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I am getting ready to install a 6-2 header and a factory style v-8 dual exhaust on my 65 mustang, I saw at a couple of venders there is a possible problem with the exhaust pipe being to close to the rear brake hose. My hoses and lines are new so before buying new I wanted to get some feedback from you guys.

At a rough guess, if you've got ½" clearance through all the rear suspension travel, you ought to be fine.

Cheers, Adam.
8) i have never had any problems with the older cars and brake line clearance. newer cars on teh other hand...
On the 65-66 Mustang, cars with duals got a different rear brake line for added clearnce on the left hand pipe. It has a longer hose and a diffferet bracket. You also need different hard lines from the wheel cylinders.

You can often run duals without it, but watch the clearnce. You don't want that hose rubbing a hot pipe.