Dual Roller vs. Gear Drive



I am starting to plan my motor build up for my OZ head. I have the basic idea in mind so far:

OZ 250 2V head
Pacemaker headers
Comp 260H Cam
Roller tip rockers
Tempo HSC pistons
about 9.1:1 compression

My question now is: what should I do for the timing gear situation . . . do I use a dual roller with stock balancer, dual roller with a CNC billet balancer, do I use gear drive with a stock balancer, or do I use gear drive with a CNC billet balancer?

If I don't plan on going above 6000 rpm, is there a performance difference in gear drive vs. dual roller? What is the expected life on these parts?

Thanks for the help.

If your going to use it mainly as a daily driver, I would go with the dual roller chain. Balancer is up to you. If you decide to stick with the stock balancer, just have it reconditioned to make sure its up to snuff.
Would a balancer that I get from an auto parts store be good enough?