EGR block off



I blocked off the EGR and took the belt off the smog pump then I blocked the hose off but I herd that I`m sopost to do something with the timing plees help

and thanks :)
Hey 76maveric, this is your conscience speaking. Are you allowed to do that? I know in some states cars over 20 years old don't have to pass a smog inspection, but are ya able to blank off the egr port?

In New Zealand, we ripped off all the smog gear Australian cars were saddled with and it would gain about 5% on some of the more efficient cross flow Falcon six engines. They never ran air pumps, thank goodness!GM Holdens had gastly air pumps as well as EGR, and you'd get another 20 horses using no smog gear, EGR and run 4-6 degrees intial advance instead of 9 on the crank. I think the cam timing was retarded just to get past the smog tests too, so there was extra performance on useing the earlier settings. It was worse than in the States with Aussie emission engines. There was no unleaded gas and simple cat back exhasts, so the emmisions equipment was not as advanced. There were no fuel control or 3-way catalyizers until unleaded arived in January 1986. It was air pumps and EGR's to US 1973 specs from 1976 to 1986.
the EGR went craps on me and it was making the car run like crap ,and a EGR cost about $50:eek:o . The next smog test isn`t till april so I just blocked it of and wile I was at it I un did the smog pump but I did all of it to ware I COULD PUT IT ALL BACK for the smog test and then back off :D
Ah your a good boy! Air pumps and EGR are a real pest, eh?

My 84 Falcon 250 just belches out burnt propane, and upsets those following me with rotten eggs gas smells. The envirnoment is happier, though, I hope!

How strict are the Smog Nazi's , anyway?

Is there a place for importing , say, emmisions legal unleaded 1986 Alloy head Falcon engines into your fair country?
I try :D I figger what the govermant don`t know won`t hert them :eek: .

I just paid over $60:eek:o on parts for the car so heck with the EGR for now ,thanks