exhaust options / What mufflers are you using?



I'm in the planning stage right now. Here's what I have in mind: adding the Offy setup on my 200 (from a '79 Fairmont), headers (probably the Pacemakers), and dual exhaust.

What mufflers should I use? I want it to have a "V8 rumble" (pardon the expression - hey, I like the sound of 'em). But, I don't want it to sound like some of the imports I've heard with the turbo mufflers on them. A few of the sound bytes I've heard online of 6 cylinders sound really funny. I don't want something loud, just something that will make people think I have a V8!! :LOL: ;)

Oh, yeah, how should I route the exhaust? The car's a '64 Falcon.
It will be hard to get teh V-8 rumble in a 6. It isn't impossible. It is just hard to get the sound of a V-8 through the entire range of RPM. I'd take it to a good speed shop and tell them what you want. They will usually have enough experience to build an exhaust system to sound like what you want.

Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that it would be hard to get that sound.

For those who have headers w/dual exhaust, could you post what you have and how well you like the sound. Sound bytes would be great, also!! ;)
hey there,

I have a dual outlet clifford header which i had ceramic coated running back to a set of borla universal turbo mufflers. I love the sound, its nice and quiet at idle and really rumbles up til 3000 rpms or so, then it starts to scream.

Its even louder than my friends 70 chevelle ss. not too bad for 1/2 the cubic inches.

But i was young and foolish when i had the exhaust put on. i'm running 2.5 inch pipe. It does hurt the low end torque.

I wish i had a sound byte to share.

Good luck with your project.

Talk to the muffler shop again. Putting on a resonator in place of the Borla will bring up the low end, mellow out the scream and improve the MPG all at once. It will cause a bit of tuned backpressure at low end to reduce the excessive scavenging you're experiencing.

Long term with too much scavenge will eventually burn the exhaust valves, much like having leaky EGR valves did on the 3.3L engines.
I'm using a 1 in 2 out Dynamax muffler off a 85 Camaro......Sounds bad a$$ to me ;)